Ephraim Inn on the Harbor

Here, a touch of charm and the gift of gracious living meet at The Ephraim Inn. You are welcomed to the warmth, taste and style of one of the largest fine country homes in Door County. Picked as one of the best Door County Inns, our beautiful furnishings convey a spirit of honest, uncomplicated hospitality.

The Ephraim Inn is a bed and breakfast experience. Imagine a breakfast of fresh juice, Colombian coffee, our own granola, a selection of homemade bakery and seasonal fruitů served in one of three cozy dining areas. We don’t tamper with things like fresh provisions and good portions. We provide hearty food, quiet conversation, a gentle smile and thoughtful service. The atmosphere is unhurried. We cater to the individual.

The welcoming center hall and common room face the harbor... a place for you to curl up with a book, write a letter to a friend or enjoy a fire. The Ephraim Inn has a unique and convenient setting, an interesting architecture, and is particularly close to a quantity and quality of sporting facilities. A walk along the shore takes you to many interesting shops and studios, and of course, to the unspoiled beach. For those who like outdoor recreation there’s boating, swimming, windsurfing, hiking or biking on miles of nature trails, tennis, golf and picture taking.

Some will remember the sunset over the bay, others a special purchase from one of the boutiques, still others some exhilarating recreational activity, good companionship, fine foods or retiring in a comfortable bed and breathing pure Door County air. Let us share with you the hospitality and warmth of ourselves and our Inn - the best lodging in Door County.




9994 Pioneer Lane
PO Box 247
Ephraim, WI 54211


920-854-4515 (local)
800-622-2193 (toll-free)

Ephraim Map

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